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city find: ice ice baby

these brooklyn popsicles are too cool.

If there's anything that says summer, it's popsicles. While I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for that four-dollar box of 100 Pop Ice freeze pops I used to go nuts over in the '90s (so classic), there is another brand of popsicles that are completely obsess-worthy. I'm talking about Brooklyn-based ice pop geniuses, People's Pops. If you've never had their insanely delicious treats, which are made from locally grown fruits, there's good news: They'll be all over the city this frozen-dessert season and we know just where to find them. But first, you might be interested in what kinds of flavors these bad boys come in, and all you have to do is check out the gallery to see some of our past faves (Blueberry Peach Jasmine?! Yes, please.).

Then, go visit People's Pops IRL when they open for the season at their awesome pop-up locations:

Park Slope

808 Union Street

Status: Open now!

High Line

16th Street and 10th Avenue

Status: Open now!

Chelsea Market

425 West 15th Street

Status: Open now!

Brooklyn Flea

Park Slope, Fort Greene, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge

Status: Open now!

East Village

118 1st Avenue

Status: Opens May 1

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Why, hello gorgeous.

photo via people's pops on facebook

Apple Ginger

Apple Pie a la Mode

photo via people's pops on facebook

Blackberry Peach

Nectarine Blueberry, Peach Vanilla, Plum Mint, Ramones Tee

Strawberry Chocolate

Blueberry Peach Jasmine

Cutest Popsicle Boxes Ever

Raspberry Basil Dipped in Chocolate, Get into My Belly

Pear Cranberry Cardamom, Are You Serious?


Iced Coffee

Pear Lavender

Uh, yum.