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When a super cool British babe who also happens to be an amazing musician comes to town, you know you gotta go! So get your tickets now for Kate Nash's World Tour stop at the Mohawk tomorrow night before all the other "Merry Happy" fans do.

912 Red River Street


Whether or not some of your wildest party Instagrams were taken at Gypsy Bar, we're guessing weekends at their updated and revamped venue, now called Whisky Saigon, are going to be pretty unforgettable. RSVP while you still can to the club's launch party tonight so you can say you were one of the first to go nuts there way back when.

116 Boylston Street


Is there anything cooler than when different types of artists work together on an awesome collab? No? That's exactly why you should get to the Ten x Ten release concert and exhibition tomorrow, where you'll get to see what happened when 10 artists and 10 musicians worked together to create both a fine art screenprints and a composition for small musical ensemble--so cool.

2320 West Chicago Avenue

Las Vegas

The only thing better than an entire festival dedicated to music, is an entire festival dedicated to food trucks, right? Lucky for you, the Sunset Park Food Truck Fest is happening tomorrow! Entrance is free and you can expect over 30 food trucks (OMG), cool retro cars, and live jams.

2601 East Sunset Road

Los Angeles

No, you weren't the only one to draw hearts around somebody's name in your sixth grade diary or start a blog about the best and worst parts of high school, but if you've ever wondered what other people wrote down in their diaries, tomorrow is your chance to find out. Get to a screening of

Mortified Nation

, the documentary where a bunch of brave souls share pages of their teen journals with a crowd of total strangers.

1501 California Avenue


Whether you're completely yoga-obsessed or have always wanted to try it, we're pretty sure tonight you won't want to miss the best yoga class ever tonight. Why? Because The Standard is hosting a class completely inspired by Bob Marley. So go celebrate freedom and liberation through different yoga practices and meditation while a live DJ spins the ultimate mix of Marley.

40 Island Avenue


A vintage store grand re-opening party with the chance to win a $500 gift certificate? Um, can you say fashion heaven? Get to Closet Case Vintage this Sunday for spiked cider, vegan chili, spicy cornbread, a live performance by La'akea Presley, and to hunt for the perfect retro treasure (duh).

2407 12th Avenue S.

New York City

Dying for those totally cool ombre lips that are popping up everywhere these days? Us too. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the cosmetics geniuses at Illamasqua to throw the ultimate makeup party! Come hang out with us at the 59th Street Bloomingdale[']s and get your bespoke ombre lip makeover, plus hear live jams by DJ C. DeVone, nosh on free drinks and candy, and get a super special shopping gift. Just email

to get on the list!

1000 Third Avenue

Orange County

If you're one of those people who's obsessed with the holidays, then you can't miss the tree lighting party at Fashion Island tonight. Get to the Neiman Marcus - Bloomingdale's Courtyard to catch cool live performances and get into the holiday spirit. P.S. If you're thinking it's way to early to get your tree-lighting on, then

sign up for the NYLON Daily in Orange County

and see what else is happening this weekend!

401 Newport Center Drive

San Francisco

If you feel like chilling out with a really good indie folk singer-songwriter later, you're in luck because Cass McCombs is playing a set at Great American Music Hall tonight. The best way to get pumped for the show? Have some fun on his


that he started in 2003 as a gallery of artwork made by friends and anonymous artists which--ten years later--still totally rules.

859 OFarrell Street

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