the closest your phone will ever get to designer vintage.

by rebecca willa davis

You hear a lot about designer-on-designer stealing, but not all ripping off is a bad thing. Take the new phone cases from InspireMyCase: Each in the Rewind Couture collection pays homage to an iconic dress in fashion history, from a 1924 Lanvin silk and wool Art Deco sheath to super punk Vivienne Westwood from from 1981. In total, there are seven cases to choose from, and they each do a good job of tapping different aesthetic preferences. For the bohemian, there's the paisley inspired print by Patou; for the minimalist there's the color-block case via YSL's 1965 patterns; the party girl gets a gold-accented chevron design based off of a '20s Chanel dress. Unlike the originals, these cases fit a range of body types--that is, a range of iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and Blackberry models--and won't completely break the bank. Each case is under $35, with a portion of proceeds going to AngelMule, an organization that supports underprivileged kids. Although you might not be able to claim that your case is a Schiaparelli, having one that's inspired by one is a very stylish alternative.

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