CLSC has just dropped their Spring '15 lookbook containing scenic imagery that may be familiar to those who have done the California to Las Vegas drive.more Abandoned amusement parks and eerie signage come to mind. Their Spring 2015 line infuses athletic inspirations with their usual motifs containing witty thinking and in-your-face messages on some reoccurring silhouettes and some new. Also accompanying their collection, as well as referring back to the lookbook, is their newly released collaboration with Las Vegas based store KNYEW. You for sure do not want to miss out on Winter to Spring must have pieces like this one of everyone's favorite scene from Fast Time's At Ridgemont High, or a light windbreaker for layering. Some personal favorites also include a shot glass with highlighted drinking spots maybe suggested by the designer, pens, and skate deck containing imagery from The Godfather. From clothing to objects, CLSC does not disappoint.

The collection is available at select stockists worldwide and online directly at CLSC.