5 Easy Ways To Eat More Coconut Oil

    Go nuts.

    by · April 14, 2016

    Coconut oil can take the heat, so always keep a jar in the kitchen.

    From looking good on a deserted island to being an essential ingredient in DIY deodorant, coconuts are the world’s natural gift to us all. Its water cures the ails of last night’s round at last call and its shell can be used as a cup (#SurvivalSkills). And coconut oil, while great for a myriad of beauty uses, has some serious and healthy culinary prowess.

    When butter in a recipe makes you wince, substitute it with coconut oil at a simple 1:1 ratio. That means there’s no need for math to calculate conversions. (Thank you again, all mighty coconut.) Rumor has it that coconut oil is good for weight loss. I mean, don’t sit with a jar in your lap in front of When Harry Met Sally, spooning it into your mouth in place of a pint of ice cream—it is a fat, after all. But in moderation, the fatty acids in coconut oil will equip you with energy. So you’ll be more inspired to log that run on your Fitbit instead of sulking in front of Meg Ryan. The oil is also known to help with digestion and deflate inflammation.

    Search the shelves for unrefined “Virgin” or “Extra-Virgin” non-hydrogenated coconut oil. These buzzwords mark a jar that will bring the most benefits. Remember: The next time you DIY a deep-conditioning hair treatment with a jar of coconut oil, make something to nosh on while you’re at it.

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