color forms

instant film goes over (and into) the rainbow.

by faran krentcil

Despite the demise of Polaroid in 2009, we still love anything related to instant film. Sometimes, that means using an iPhone App to pretend our late-night snaps are actually vintage snapshots. Sometimes, that means shelling out the money for The Impossible Project's coveted boxes of instant film.

And this is one of those times. This week, The Impossible Project releases their PX 680 Color Shade Rainbow Frame Instant Film. It works just like regular Polaroid film, but instead of getting that classic white border around your pictures, you get blue, pink, green, red, and yellow.

This isn't a groundbreaking piece of technology or a major event in the art world... but it is really fun, and sometimes, that's all the excuse we need to say "Cheese." (Or "Dairy Free Soy Substitute." Or, you know, whatever.) -

PX 680 Color Shade Rainbow Frame Instant Film by Impossible Project, $32 per box online.