read it: colorstrology

hey, baby, what’s your sign?

by gillian fuller

Confession: I'm a strong believer in astrology. I've decided my personality is textbook Libra, and have taken to blaming all of my--er--quirks (i.e. perpetual lateness) on my date of birth. But truth be told, sometimes the weirdly-specific predictions and advice in my daily horoscope gets a little bland.

Luckily, I've found a whole new way to satisfy my obsession: astrologer Michele Bernhardt's new book, Colorstrology. The book is basically a daily calendar, and each day is assigned a different Pantone color. The hue associated with your day of birth is supposed to be representative of your character, and surrounding yourself by the color, Bernhardt suggests, can enhance your strengths and qualities.

I know it sounds totally New Age-y, but this book is seriously cool. My shade, "purple heather," is indicative of leadership and independence, while my best friend's, "almost apricot," is reflective of a colorful personality--so accurate. Obviously, there isn't any real proof to the claims, but if you're into astrology, check out this new rainbow way to get your fix.

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