Photographed by Janell Shirtcliff.


The Most Unexpectedly Easy Makeup Hacks For A Perfect Complexion

looking effortless shouldn’t require that much effort.

by nylon x clinique

If this past fashion month taught us anything, it's that the fresh-faced, dewy look isn't going away anytime soon. The paradox of that covetable effortless look, however, is that it requires effort. Thankfully, it doesn't have to take a lot of time to look like you took no time, though. All you need are the right products and, well, a nice night's sleep. (Rest is beauty hack numero uno.) Don't worry about the latter, though. We've found the perfect cure for our tired skin. With the help of Clinique and Jessi Malay, we're here to show you how to get that ideal glow in less than 10 steps. Even if you can't get eight hours of shut-eye, at lease your complexion will look like you did.

Photographed by Janell Shirtcliff; Makeup by Natalie Malchev; Nails by Miss Pop; Hair by Bobby Eliot; Styled by Dani Michelle.

Photographed by Janell Shirtcliff.

Makeup artist Natalie Malchev began by cleansing Malay's face using Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap, because it's gentle formula leaves skin comfortable and clear, but not dry. She then advised Malay to prep the area around her eye by patting Pep-Start cream around the lid, beneath the lash area, and under the brow with her ring finger.

Clinique, Pep-Start Eye Cream, $26.50, available exclusively at Sephora

Photographed by Janell Shirtcliff.

Next, spread a creamy eyeshadow over the lid and on the inner corner of the eye. Malchev then suggested taking an eyeshadow brush, getting some of the same color onto it, and swiping it across the brow bone for an extra highlight. To make the eyes pop even more, Malchev applied two coats of Clinique's Lash Power™ mascara to the lashes in a flick motion.

Clinique, Lid Pop in Vanilla Pop, $17, available at Clinique.

Photographed by Janell Shirtcliff.

Now, let's get to the fun part: the complexion. Malchev advised using three foundations: one lighter than Malay's skin tone, one that matches, and one darker. It's all about contouring and highlighting, right? After applying the exact shade foundation all over Malay's face, darker foundation was used to contour. The lighter shade was applied under the eye to conceal and highlight. Malchev suggested Malay use her fingers to blend the foundation or use a foundation brush.

Clinique, Chubby in the Nude™ Foundation Stick in Grandest Golden Neutral, $24, available at 

Clinique; Chubby in the Nude™ Foundation Stick in Gargantuan Golden, $24, available at Clinique; Chubby in the Nude™ Foundation Stick in Capacious Chamois, $24, available at Clinique.

Photographed by Janell Shirtcliff.

The final steps come with adding just the right amount of color to the lips. Malchev prepped and primed Malay with Clinique's Sweet Pots in Sweet Rose. (That sugar exfoliation does wonders.) She then applied the a soft pinky-purple lip lacquer before lightly dabbing a mid-tone orange hue across the lip, for an extra oomph.

Clinique, Clinique Pop™ Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer in Melon Drop Pop, $18, available at 

Clinique; Clinique Pop™ Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer in Wink Pop, $18, available at Clinque.

Photographed by Janell Shirtcliff.

After all is said, contoured, and lipsticked, Malchev left us with one last pro tip: quickly dabbing the Pep-Start eye cream under the eye and on top of the cheekbones. That will create more highlight and an even more perfect complexion.

Clinique, Pep-Start Eye Cream, $26.50, available exclusively at Sephora