stalk the next girl scout sale with this new iphone app.

by liza darwin

Stalking isn't usually something many people admit to, but when it comes to Girl Scout cookies...let's just say there are different standards to satisfying a major sweet tooth.

You could camp out in front of your local stand until the kids come out bearing boxes of Tag-alongs. You could also buy them on eBay, along with that Celine vintage purse you've been watching.

Or you could download this genius Girl Scout Cookie Locator iPhone app that uses GPS technology to find when and where the sale will be in your area. It's free, it's easy, and it's especially great for larger cities where the cookies are harder to come by than Chanel's Black Peal nail polish. We tried it ourselves and discovered that the soonest sale will be next week...and we're not embarrassed to say we've already marked it on our calendars.

One word of advice? You better stock up when you find them. After all, you never know when your next cookie craving will hit.

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