get carded

the 10 coolest ways to spread the holiday cheer.

by liza darwin

Say whatever you want about mail being a relic of the past, but it's nice to send a good old fashioned card every one in a while...especially around the holidays.

And because there's no shortage of options to choose from, we've sorted through all of the greetings online and picked our 10 favorites here. Whether they're from designers like Lanvin or our local letterpress, it doesn't matter--they're quirky, cute, and different from the ones you normally receive from your grandmother, that's for sure.

So get ready to push the envelope in a whole new way and click through the best below. Now the next question is, who has the stamps?!

Lazy Oaf- $2.25

Catbird Embroidered Card--$24

The Paper Source-$11.50

Urban Outfitters- $5.50

Lanvin- $90 for 10

Junk Punch Another Year of Bulls***- $13

Oh Deer- $16.33 for 9

Rosie Wonders- $7


Zeichen Press- $4