a champagne graffiti project - it’s happening.

by faran krentcil

Champagne is already a great gift, but there's an extra surprise stashed in this bubblegum pink box of Moet & Chando rosé - a gold Sharpie, with a note from the French wine house to write your heart out (literally). Moet intends the bottle to be used for Valentine's Day messages like "I love you," "Je t'adore," or even, "Wouldn't sex be fun?"

But a bottle of prime alcohol - especially one that's wrapped in paper the color of Bubblicious - shouldn't just be a holiday occasion, especially when permanent marker is involved.

We encourage you to tag this thing however you want - hearts, unicorns, violent stick figures, Banksy homages, whatever.  Just indulge in your DIY graffiti project before you pop the cork.  That way, if you end up drinking the whole bottle, you'll still have the art for your memories.

Moet & Chandon rosé bottle, $120 at select liquor stores around the world.