the tour diary continues from starbucks’ home state!


This month, Cory Kennedy hits the road with the NYLON Summer Music Tour. This is her story.

"arriving in starbucks nation... im so relieved the weather is perfectly cool and grey, coming from that consisting heat wave new york city hasnt been able to shake. i finally check in at the W Hotel, and i cannot tell you what a DREAM slipping/collapsing into their beds (especially after a long flight) is. i wake up and do not want to remove myself from my dream bed but i get up and ready to interview the neon trees before showtime at the show box. im delighted the interview is in their tour bus. it immediately brought me back to the previous nylon summer music tours i had . i love everything about those buses. anyway, had a sit down with Tyler, Brenden, and Chris about lyrics, emotions, clothes, growing stardom, and life (of course). Chris has a brooch collection he kindly brought out with me and shared the story behind each one and pointed out the fancy, obscure detailing one would not recognize with a naked eye. talking more about style, tyler likes to buy used clothes (womens occasionally) and fixes them up with his personal punk way. in my opinion, i feel if michael jackson, billy idol, and karl lagerfeld had a fashion baby, it would be tyler. i hop off the bus to the venue right before they go on. its packed with a pumped up, excited audience. being in the photo pit for 3 songs the floor was crazy; the fans were dancing and jumping so hard the entire floor was moving. all of the emotion and energy from neon trees spread like wildfire. i was thrilled, and a little scared. but all in all, enjoyed every moment. thank you neon trees - and I will see you all in San Fran!!!"

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And see tons of photos from the cute Seattle crowds!

And if you want to join her, head to nylonmag.com/musictour for info and tickets in your city!

Neon Trees onstage.

Branden's guitar pick.

"I feel if michael jackson, billy idol, and karl lagerfeld had a fashion baby, it would be tyler."

Frappuccino heaven!

The brooch collection.

Backstage before the show.

Photo booth time!

NYLON's Sarah Lewitinn after the show.