a preppy staple gets a punch of flower power.

by faran krentcil

Back in February, when Lacoste announced their collaboration with Liberty of London for Spring, we weren't paying attention (because we were freezing, and a cotton polo covered with flowers didn't really warm us up).

Now that it's a blissful room temperature outside (and we can wear sunglasses for their intended purpose instead of to prevent windburn) it's safe to say that we care. A lot.

For Spring, Lacoste rolls out a series of Liberty of London polos, dresses, and skirts - all marked with a unique pattern, all totally great for layering or those nothing-to-wear days when a cool print on a basic shape is all you need. 

The stuff is reasonably priced, machine washable, cute, cute, and cute.

(We know that's the part you really care about anyway.)

Lacoste x Liberty of London, $140 for the dresses at Lacoste boutiques, Saks Fifth Avenue, and online.