The New Look Crystal Castles Dropped A Haunting New Single

A new album is next

by daniel barna

Crystal Castle's post-Alice Glass phase is officially underway. The newly formed duo, which consists of founding member Ethan Kath and new front woman Edith Frances, just dropped a new track, "CHAR," which will appear on AMNESTY (I), their just-announced first album together. Joining previously released songs, "Frail," "Concrete," and "Femen," "CHAR" is another showcase for Frances' ethereal vocals, which take center stage on the propulsive track. 

While the new electro look still maintains their trademark darkness, their new sound is a lot less aggressive without the ferocious Glass, who left the group in 2014 after her relationship with Kath allegedly became strained. 

“For the majority of my career I was conflicted,” Glass told Dazed  earlier this year. “I would go onstage and show this aggressive, angry side of myself. It was an expression of my frustration and desperation. It was a way for me to communicate what I was going through without having to explain anything offstage, because I didn't want to be seen as vulnerable. It was a way to be confrontational when in my personal life I felt like my feelings weren't respected. It was deeply miserable.”

Glass is currently pursuing a solo career. Meanwhile, her former group is about to embark on a world tour in support of AMNESTY (I), which is due in August. Listen to "CHAR" above.