The Crystal Sex Toys Everyone Should Try

“America is sexually constipated”

by Carolyn Yates

Halloween is long gone, but witch vibes are timeless. Whether you’re a witch or just looking to add some sparkle to your sex life, crystal sex toys can help you get in touch with your sexual energy, overcome negative feelings, and, of course, orgasm.

“America is sexually constipated,” says Tiffany Janay, co-founder of Organic Blood and its line of crystal yoni eggs. “Anything that we can use, especially something that comes from the earth and is connecting us back to something natural, can open up that sexual channel,” she says. “Overcoming sexual trauma, forgiveness, self-love, self-confidence; all of those things can be gained through working with crystals."

Crystals, many believe, emit a harmonious vibration that can help heal. “Crystals facilitate our own ability to heal,” says Vanessa Cuccia, founder of Chakrubs, a registered crystal-based sex toy company that’s arguably responsible for the trend. When you use a crystal sex toy, you're “combining sexual energy with the energy of the crystal to help facilitate movement, which is going to release certain stagnant energies that we may have,” says Cuccia. “You’re becoming more sensitive to subtle energy, to subtle vibration, so it’s all very connected: sexuality, the energy of the crystal, the healing.”

But energetic vibrations alone aren’t what make crystal sex toys special. Instead, it’s your intent. “The crystal isn’t going to just solve all [your] problems,” says Janay, but by using a crystal for a particular purpose, “it’ll help [you] with an energetic influence, it'll help [you] encounter things that will help [you] overcome the blockage, and it helps give [you] the strength and the confidence to do that.”

Before using a crystal sex toy for the first time, Janay recommends syncing with it by carrying it around with you. “Just start to feel that energy in connection with your energy,” she says. When you’re ready, hold the crystal in your hand and establish your intention for it. “There are a lot of different ways to go about it, but it definitely starts with setting an intention and a focus,” says Janay.

Then, masturbate, focusing on your intention and on how the crystal feels inside your body. Janay recommends using coconut oil as a natural lubricant. If you’re not a fan of penetration, you can use a crystal sex toy for sexual massage, regular massage, or meditation. “Just holding it by the heart or over the belly… you’re going to benefit from the energy moving,” notes Cuccia.

As you use a crystal over time, it holds the energy of your other experiences with it and evokes your intention. “Every time someone becomes aroused and they want to masturbate, that becomes a signal for them to remember that intention,” says Cuccia. “When you orgasm with a crystal, that orgasmic energy is being programmed into the crystal, so you’re using your own ability to heal yourself again and again."

So how do you know which crystal sex toy is right for you? Think about the shape and size you want, read about crystal properties, and then go with your gut. “Look at what you want on a physical level for your pleasure, or something that you really like aesthetically, and read the crystal descriptions, so you have that in the back of your mind, but then allow your intuition to really speak to you. You can’t go wrong,” says Cuccia.

And even if you don’t believe in crystal energies, they still make fantastic natural sex toys. Click through the gallery below to find out more about which crystal sex toy is right for you.

Obsidian for protection

Obsidian, a black volcanic rock, is a protection stone that can help with overcoming stress. It’s also closely associated with sexual energy. "Obsidian is all about releasing shame; it’s considered a protection stone; it’s associated with the root chakra at the base of the spine, which has a lot of sexual energy, so it’s a really good starting point,” says Cuccia. She also recommends it for people who have experienced sexual trauma.

The Xaga, $114, available at Chakrubs.

Red jasper for sex drive

Red jasper, which is often a rich red-orange hue, can help you feel secure and activate sexual and creative energy. “My favorite one to work with for sexual energy is definitely, 100 percent red jasper,” says Janay, who adds that it can be especially helpful in making women feel secure. "It also has a lot of passion and fiery energy.” Red jasper, in the form of the Gaia, is also Cuccia’s current favorite. “It looks like a fucking dragon egg. It’s the coolest looking thing, and it’s really based on getting you in tune with your confidence, who you are, and your core purpose,” she says.

Red Jasper Yoni Egg, $89, available at Organic Blood.

Rose quartz for love

Rose quartz, a Pantone-colored heart stone, is all about love and attracting it in every form. "Rose quartz is your friend when you're struggling with self-doubt, self-hate, shame, or guilt. It can bring a sense of renewal and confidence after feeling totally beaten down,” says Jessika Fancy, creator of Visions: A Crystal Oracle Deck. “It's truly the 'learn to love yourself and accept yourself as you are’ stone.”

The Rose Wand, $189.95, available at Chakrubs.

Orange calcite for healing

Translucent orange calcite can relieve fear and depression, and help with healing after trauma. "Orange calcite is kind of like pure liquid sunshine,” says Fancy. “It's really useful when you need to overcome abuse of any kind,” and is especially great for the healing process.

Orange Calcite Yoni Egg, $49, available at LoveEliteBeauty.

Clear quartz for balance

Clear quartz "is considered a master healer stone,” says Cuccia. "It’s just beautiful. There are rainbows in it; it’s just ridiculously gorgeous.” It can also help balance, cleanse, and enhance energy, help with psychic protection, and dispel negativity.

The Prism, $189, available at Chakrubs.