Cult Worthy: Dissdig

NYC kids will love this.

We, like most of you, are always looking for the next streetwear brand that really fits into the alternative youth culture. And we think Dissdig is one of those brands. Founded by Alana Reali in 2012, the brand has grown up to be a known NYC streetwear staple. The name was pulled from the 1994 movie KIDS, which captures the rawness of youth living in New York. A brand built on youth in NYC creates clothing and accessories with great graphics, including the likes of Casper, Snoopy, and some praying hands (insert praying hands emoji here). With a rebel attitude, these looks give us a fun, playful take on what teenagers right now are thinking. You can grab a T-shirt that literally says, "Can't Pay Bills"—we get it guys, us, too. 

Grab the next new streetwear brand before it's all gone.