Marlo Laz Jewelry Is Made For The Girl Who Loves An Element Of Surprise

cult worthy: marlo laz

Our new favorite jewelry designer, Jesse Marlo Lazowski of Marlo Laz Jewelry, is schooling us in everything we didn't think we needed but now know we do. Based out of New York, her high-end jewelry is effortlessly cool with an opulent edge. With fun nods to the free-spirited designer, the collection is for any age group. Her fall collection is inspired by the goddess of fortune, making sure anyone wearing these pieces has an eclectic mix of metals and good luck in tow. Each piece of jewelry in the collection is inspired by and named after the notion of good fortune in a foreign language. All hand-made in New York City, this jewelry line's expert craftmanship showcases how beautiful every piece is. Check out our favorites in the gallery.