Cult Worthy: Nomia

targeting the modern woman

Nomia, designed by Yara Flinn since 2009, is a brand we are loving right now. Based in NYC, Flinn has created a brand that is influenced by art, architecture, and workwear with the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine silhouettes.

Targeting the modern woman, Nomia's fall collection consists of beautiful fabrics and shapes, while still having a basic appeal that you can pair their pieces with anything else and you'll feel more chic automatically. With pieces like Flinn's designs you will feel like the automatic cool girl, and who doesn't want that? Not to mention, there are tons of interesting details like buckles, pockets and zippers that make the pieces stand out. We are dreaming of the beautiful blue fabrics now, and waiting for the cold to roll in so we could hop on the Nomia train.