Cult Worthy: Profound Aesthetic

borrowed from the boys

If you're like us, then there's times that you look at the men's section in a store and wonder why there's nothing similar sold in the women's section. Or you're thinking, "I could rock that shirt as a dress..." Profound Aesthetic is one of those brands that you'll want to rock, and they will fully support you rocking. Based in New York City since 2008, they've been mixing elements of streetwear and high fashion to create a quailty product. Creating collections that are full of timeless pieces that merge fashion and art together is a strong part of their brand. Profound Aesthetic's fall collection catereds to the young, urban influencer that isn't afraid to challenge the status quo. Luckily for us girls, half of their lookbook is shot on women, showing that these pieces can be unisex. You'll want this streetwear-meets-high-fashion brand as much as we do.