This “Curve Model” Swimsuit Ad Is Your New Hotness

so beautiful

Not to get all gaze-ish on you, but this new swimsuit ad from American Eagle spinoff Aerie is exactly the kind of inspiring, positive hotness we need. Also, it contains the dash of summer we so desperately want right now.

To break it down for you, Aerie’s current campaign features a whole gaggle of models of different sizes, shapes, and colors, all of them presented without retouching. The #AerieReal strategy is a worthy and inspiring one they’ve employed before, and if they stopped there, it might be enough.

Thankfully, they did not stop there. For this season, they’ve scooped up the beautiful model Barbie Ferreira who, is a social-media star and body-positivity activist in her own right. As we've shown you before, she's starred in stunning indie campaigns. As well, her eyebrows are the stuff of legend. Not a traditionally shaped model, nor a plus-size one, Ferreira calls herself a “curve model”—a phrase we just want to hug. She’s also been dubbed the “Queen of In-Between.” Love that, too.

Click on the video above and see why we’re just a bit crazy about this campaign. Did you click? Are you a little crazy about it, too? Yes, you are.

Sure, sure, sure, the selfsame campaign features plenty of leggy, conventionally attractive women talking about their real selves in other videos. Let’s cut to the quick, though: It’s Ferreira who’s drawing the attention here, and with good reason. It’s one thing to look at beautiful clothes on a beautiful woman. It’s a whole different thing altogether when looking at beautiful clothes on a beautiful woman has the potential to make the viewer feel beautiful as well. Good work, all.