Internet Sensation Finds Fame in Taiwanese McDonald’s

breaking the internet, one big mac at a time

by harry charlesworth

Look out Ronald, there's a new McDonald's mascot in town, and she's much cuter than a grimacing clown.

The Internet's most recent obsession has been with Wei Han Xu, whose rise to digital stardom is all thanks to her job—not at a big fashion label or magazine, but at a Taiwanese McDonald's. After photos of the doll-like waitress were posted online to a blog, a viral obsession made its way across Taiwan. 

Taiwanese McDonald's has already become well known in recent years for serving up cute cosplay outfits along with their typical fast-food offerings, but Wei Han, who also goes by WeiWei, is certainly the first McDonald's worker we've seen who used her job at the golden arches to propel her personal stardom. She has now accumulated tens of thousands of followers on her Instagram, and fans who've discovered which McDonald's location she works at flock in droves to have the fast-food sensation take their order.

Following her quickly achieved fame, WeiWei has appeared on several game and variety shows across Taiwan. Besides taking the cutest selfies in a fast-food uniform ever, she is also a full-time college student and models on the side.

For those of us in the states who can’t manage to visit WeiWei for a bite, we can at least check out her super-cute posts on her