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the cutest couples on the emmys red carpet

our hearts are melting

The Emmy Awards is not only one of the most important nights for TV stars’ careers, it’s also one of Hollywood’s biggest—and most glamorous—date nights. Getting dressed up to walk down the red carpet and have your photo taken in front of screaming fans isn’t quite the ideal setting to share a romantic moment with your Number One, but it does create some ridiculously sweet photos of loved-up celebrity couples that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Click through to see the cutest couples that walked the 2015 Emmy Awards red carpet, and collectively say “awww” with us.

Jordan Peele + Chelsea Peretti

Proof that humor is the key to wooing someone over. 

Joanna Newsom + Andy Samberg

Joanna and Andy are definitely not on a Lonely Island. 

Paul Dano + Zoe Kazan

The cool kids of the Emmys.

Ariel Winter + Laurent Claude Gaudette

The temperature wasn't the only thing hot on the red carpet.

Naomi Watts + Liev Schreiber

Naomi and Liev are all smiles for the cameras.

Ryan Murphy + David Miller

Couples that match together, stay together.

Claire Danes + Hugh Dancy

Claire and Hugh's attractiveness is off the charts.

Joanne Tucker + Adam Driver

Joanne and Adam have definitely been practicing their Blue Steel in the mirror together.

Sofia Vergara + Joe Manganiello

If there was an award for the hottest couple alive, Sofia and Joe would take home the prize.  

Natasha Lyonne + Fred Armisen


Christina Hendricks + Geoffrey Arend 

Christina and Geoffrey give the cameras their best smizes.

David Benioff + Amanda Peet

The definition of Togetherness in the dictionary.

Peter Facinelli + Jamie Alexander

Peter and Jamie have "the look of love" down pat.

Siri Pinter + Carson Daly

Siri and Carson are that annoyingly adorable couple you secretly wish you could be.