The Cutest Couples at the Golden Globes

    golden romances, all around

    by Hayden Manders · January 11, 2016

    Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images.

    In the pressure cooker that is a big, Hollywood award show red carpet, you’re going to want your biggest cheerleader by your side. Going down that long stretch of textile, dodging the same questions over and over again, and trying to see beyond the flashing lights is a feat no human would choose to walk alone, given the choice. (Okay, we admit a handful would and we commend them.) So, while some put on majestic displays of caped perfection last night at the Golden Globes, others put on delightful romantic displays. There was a lot in the air (it’s L.A., what do you expect?), but love was one of the biggest. We’ve got heart-eyes for these following couples.

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