What do you stand for? Design your own Dr. Martens boot and show it…

by Josh Madden


When my bros over at

Doc Martens

--maybe I should call them "mates" like they do in the UK--when they hit me up recently and asked if I wanted to design some custom boots I got super stoked. Since its inception in the '60s, the now-legendary brand has never done this sort of thing. Considering I've been known to spend in excess of an hour on sneaker customization websites, I was ready to go!

So here's how it works, it's really simple--all you have to do is click this link


and it'll open up to the D.Y.O.B. app. The first step is to upload a photo or image from your Instagram, Facebook, your personal desktop, or you can use one of

Dr. Martens

chosen images. (You wanna make sure it's a minimum of 536 pixels by the way.) Once the image is uploaded you're home free, as steps 2 through 5 are just picking various colors for different areas of the boot. When you're done you can upload your personal design to different outlets or take a screen shot for your blog, Tumblr, Pheed, Instagram...really wherever you want to put it.

So what's the real deal? Why should to spend the rest of the day messing around customizing Dr. Martens? Well, as part of the #StandForSomething campaign

Doctor Martens

is going to choose two luckily winners and make their boots. You can literally have you own, one-of-a-kind signature Airwair! So what are you waiting for? Head on over


and get to designing!