Dachshund’s Creek is Irresistable

capeside just got way cuter.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge Dawson's Creek fan. I've even trespassed on private property to get a picture of Dawson's real-life house in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Never, in my wildest dreams of Pacey taking me to prom, did I ever think I would see anything better than the original Dawson's Creek. But, that was until Dachshund’s Creek happened. Yes, that's right--it's Dawson's Creek (to a T), but with Dachshunds instead of people, and it is...so good.

From "Dawson's" glued-on bangs, to a reenactment of Grams' reaction when Jen urges her to utter the word "penis," watching these pups play out some scenes from the pilot epiosde of the '90s teen drama series will definitely make your day.

I just wish video stores like ScreenPlay still existed so I could see a denim-vest wearing Dachshund behind the front counter (Oh, my god).