Watch These Dads Read Their Daughter’s Text Messages

they sent to their boyfriends, no less…

How an individual acts when (well, if) they give you their phone is a not-so-scientific way of finding out how adventurous they are. Do they hover? Perhaps they hold their phone and show you something rather than letting you have it? Do their eyes widen the more you tap and swipe? Whatever it is they’re hiding or waiting for you to come across, it’s pretty safe to say most wouldn’t want their parents to discover what’s lurking on their phones. (Thankfully, there are apps to hide such things.)

Miraculously, Elite Daily asked a few brave daughters to let their dads read the text conversations they’ve had with their boyfriends. It starts off innocent enough with the eggplant emoji, but quickly escalates to some reading about maybe pregnancy tests and condom allergies. “I don’t think my dad liked any of my boyfriends,” one daughter said. Pretty sure this video session didn’t help that case, but who knows. There were probably a few “talks” had after filming cut. That, or there were interventions consisting of John Mayer’s “Daughters” being played on loop to quell whatever parental alarms that may have begun to go off.