Watch Daniel Radcliffe In the Trailer For Victor Frankenstein

with some help from james mcavoy

Daniel Radcliffe may not be the greatest at handling package deliveries, but when it comes to reluctantly helping his boss create a monster out of human body parts, he's pretty good! That's our takeaway from the trailer for Victor Frankenstein, an action-packed retelling of Mary Shelley's classic, Frankenstein.

In it, a long-haired Radcliffe plays Igor, assistant to James McAvoy's mad scientist, who's determined to create life out of death by re-animating a patchwork of corpses. Radcliffe's version is a hard left from the famously hunchbacked lab assistant, who didn't appear in the original novel, and was created for the 1930s-era monster movies. Here, he's the hero, and the driving plot of the movie has Igor saving Victor from his own creation. The chemistry between Radcliffe and McAvoy looks on point, as does their monster-making skills. We're in.

Victor Frankenstein hits theaters on November 25.