is l’oreal’s new line goth for grown-ups?

by liza darwin

Fact: the contents of our beauty drawer tend to match the temperatures outside. After all, eye-popping neon only seems appropriate under the hot summer sun. But this fall, we're ready to swap out our Day-Glo shades for something a little more seasonally appropriate.

L'Oreal's new Midnight Muse line of dark nail polishes, shadows, and eyeliners fit in perfectly with the season's shorter days and cooler temperatures. And unlike most of the cakey, pitch-black products we've tried in the past, this limited-edition collection of plum, grey, and deep rouge shades go on smoky (not scary).

But the best part? Since most of the products are under $10, you've got plenty of options to experiment with all season long.

Pick them up at your local drugstore.