dawn golden “all i want”

Sometimes the sad songs are the best ones…

by Josh Madden

We don't normally feature songs that bring the sad vibes but this new track and video from Dawn Golden are to good not to share.

On May 13th, Dawn Golden will be releasing his debut full length album Still Life, a follow up to his 2011 EP Blow. The solo electronic production and songwriting project is helmed by Dexter Tortoriello of Houses, who has been carefully crafting the album over the past three years.

For the lead single "All I Want," director Tyler T. Williams portrays a unique love story as the melody builds, the plot parallels with added complexity and adventure, drawing us in with each frame. If we had to describe the track and video it might be something like M83's "Midnight City" meets Coldplays "Yellow" for 2014.

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