The Deadpool Trailer for the Deadpool Trailer is Here and It’s Perfect

meta enough for you?

The thing about Marvel’s Deadpool character is that he’s always shoving his leather-coated face straight through the Fourth Wall. This is an anti-hero who has not only fought every major super villain available under copyright, but Moby Dick, himself, and members of Marvel’s editorial staff, as well.

So, it’s only fitting that the much-anticipated trailer for the upcoming Ryan Reynolds-starring Deadpool movie has its own trailer—one that not only lampoons the popular “In a World…” conceit, but pokes fun at his own studio for the character’s previous, often-derided appearance in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. With a light dusting of R-rated language, what we’ve got is a meta exercise that’s pitch-perfect for Marvel’s most-unhinged character. We can’t wait for the actual trailer-trailer tomorrow.