Deathface Remixed the Crap Out of Wrongchilde’s ‘Gold Blooded’

by nylon

Deathface and Wrongchilde share a lot in common.more

Neither has much use for the space bar, and both make awesomely dark music powered by electronic instruments. Plus, the dudes behind those projects—Johnny Love and Mat Devine, respectively—go way back, so it's only natural they work together.

Nylon Guys is psyched to premiere Deathface's remix of "Gold Blooded," the title track from Wrongchilde's debut album, which dropped earlier this year. Originally uplifting and anthemic, like something M83 might write, "Gold Blooded" becomes a glitchy downer in Love's hands—but in a good way.

"I've known Jonny Love since the early days in Chicago," Devine says. "We are both suckers for that lost era of the first industrial and goth bands from the '80s. It was really cool to collaborate with him on this remix. He chose 'Gold Blooded,' which is the most summery song on the album—but then used his production to turn it cold and moody, like the winters in Chicago. I think he killed it."

Love also kills it in the gym, and in a recent Nylon interview, he detailed the non-bro-y ethos behind his #healthgoth movement.