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How To Decorate Your Apartment Like Each Of The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Houses

Drape yourself in Lannister red

Whether or not you're a Game of Thrones obsessive (though if you're not, consider being one... there's dragons!), you can still appreciate the visual landscape of the HBO show, a stunning aesthetic feast, replete with riotous colors, evocative symbols and sigils, ornate jewels, flashing gemstones, sumptuous furs, rustling silks, and gleaming armor and weaponry.

These vibrant visual cues can all originally be found in the vivid descriptions contained within George R.R. Martin's series, A Song of Ice and Fire, upon which the show is based. Martin created a world in which little is subtle (other than Littlefinger's political machinations), and identity is very much aligned with aesthetic choices; the Lannister colors of red and gold are as intrinsic to who they are as is their house motto: "A Lannister always pays his debts." And the members of House Stark can always easily be spotted thanks to being cloaked in fur mantles and brooding about how winter is coming.

Fans of the series have their own strong identifications with individual houses; there's a reason those quizzes asking whether you're a Targaryen or a Greyjoy are so popular. So why not take your house loyalty to another level and decorate your own home like that of the Game of Thrones family with whom you most identify? After all, a person's home is their castle, and who wouldn't want to live in Winterfell?

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For these Northerners, home is where the hearth is—and that's a good thing, because it's, like, really cold outside. Make your own home winter-ready by cozying up under a massive faux fur throw and surrounding yourself with white wooden accents, creating a Godswood of your own right in your own private Winterfell.

1) Anthropologie, White Ebony Cabinet, $1,499.95, available at Anthropologie

2) Anthropologie, Lasalle Simple Pendant, $39.95, available at Anthropologie

3) Flat Vernacular, Precipice-Denali Wallpaper, $50-200, available at Flat Vernacular

4) Restoration Hardware, Exotic Faux Fur Oversized Bed Throw-Siberian Grey Fox, $215, available at Restoration Hardware

5) Restoration Hardware, Reve Rug-Gunmetal, $1,897-17,054, available at Restoration Hardware

6) Design Ideas Ltd., Yosemite Coatrack, $400, available at Ahalife

7) LaboratuvarStudio, Axe Table Lamp in Grey-Burgundy, $310, available at Ahalife

8) 4040 Locust, Arrows Doormat, $29, available at Urban Outfitters

9) Anthropologie, Minimalist Ladder, $88, available at Anthropologie

10) PB Teen, Wolf Faux-Fur Hang Around Chair, $109.99, available at PB Teen

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"Fire and blood" are the Targaryen words, and what better theme to use when decorating your home? Get into the spirit of the mother of dragons with moody art, wallpaper printed with a pattern as jagged as a dragon's wings, and a heart-shaped vase which serves as a reminder of the time Daenerys ate an entire horse's heart because the Dothraki don't have access to prenatal vitamins.

1) Flat Vernacular, Peaks & Valleys-Midnight Wallpaper, $50-225, available at Flat Vernacular

2) Tsunami Glassworks, Hand-Blown Heart Glass Vase "Ventricle," $625, available at Ahalife

3) Samantha Muljat, 'Ganymede Landing On' Art Print, $19-399, available at Urban Outfitters

4) Flavor Paper, Elysian Fields Black on Scarlet Ultrasuede Pillow, $160, available at Flavor Paper

5) Malabar, Nebula Side Table, $3,060, available at Ahalife

6) Artextural, Fenella Accent Lounge Chair, $3,784, available at Ahalife

7) So Well, Fair Trade Himalayan Salt Lamp-Amber, $60, available at Ahalife

8) Aurora Spirits, Smudge Feather Wand, $350, available at Ahalife

9) Anthropologie, Adalet-Printed Mina Chair-Black and White, $1,698, available at Anthropologie

10) Bernard Maisner, Dragon Decorative Box, $295, available at Ahalife

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Hailing from Dorne, the hot, arid land at the very bottom of the Seven Kingdoms, House Martell's sigil is a blazing red sun pierced with a golden spear on an orange background. An apartment inspired by this fiery family would be strewn with golden accents, bursts of sun, and, perhaps, a sand-filled hourglass as a reminder that one day, the Martells will rise again. Oh, and a really cool-looking vial for holding all the poison you'll need to off some Lannisters.

1) Anthropologie, Moroccan Tilework Hammock, $79.95, available at Anthropologie

2) Anthropologie, Pastel Sands Hourglass-Orange, $18-30, available at Anthropologie

3) Anthropologie, Bashira Wall Sconce, $179.95, available at Anthropologie

4) Interior Illusions Plus, Golden Alligator Sculpture, $200, available at Ahalife

5) Chad Wentzel Made, Neon Green & Red Mineral Bottle with Quartz, $475, available at Ahalife

6) Urban Outfitters, Cooper Velvet Lounge Chair-Gold, $249, available at Urban Outfitters

7) Samantha Muljat, 'Regiver' Art Print, $29-399, available at Urban Outfitters

8) Anthropologie, Helios Mirror, $998, available at Anthropologie

9) Flavor Paper, Meteor Flower, $250, available at Flavor Paper

10) Anthropologie, Brass Sunburst Decorative Object, $34, available at Anthropologie

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The Eyrie is the lofty perch from which House Arryn rules the Vale, it sits atop a towering mountain, often draped in clouds and fog. Feel like you're up in the impregnable Eyrie by surrounding yourself with wallpaper evocative of a star-strewn sky, avian-themed decor, and plenty of art reminiscent of Eyrie's infamous Moon Door.

1) Anthropologie, Mayworth Chandelier, $999.95, available at Anthropologie

2) Flat Vernacular, The Heavens-Astral Blue Wallpaper, $75-350, available at Flat Vernacular

3) Anthropologie, Pavo Side Table, $398, available at Anthropologie

4) Claire Goodchild, Moon & Stars Libra Art Print, $19-399, available at Urban Outfitters

5) Urban Outfitters, Moon Fringe Wall Hanging, $24, available at Urban Outfitters

6) Urban Outfitters, Elliot Mirrored Coffee Table, $89-129, available at Urban Outfitters

7) Urban Outfitters, Half Moon Planter, $14, available at Urban Outfitters

8) Atipico, The Corbaris Decorative Little Owl-Smoke, $147, available at Ahalife

9) Anthropologie, Ombre Horizon Curtains, $74.95-89.95, available at Anthropologie

10) Cornelia O'Donovan, Odelina Astrid Chair, $1,398, available at Anthropologie

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Would the Lannisters decorate their home in anything other than the finest, most ornate pieces, all meant to strike awe and even terror in anyone who dared visit their abode? Of course not. And neither should you. Decorate your home in wallpaper that demonstrates the importance of gaining the upper hand, vases that look like drops of liquid blood, and shiny skulls that indicate just what will happen to anyone who dares cross these lethal lions. And, of course, a glittery snow globe spelling out what Cersei and Jaime should maybe take on as the Lannister house's new motto. Roar.

1) Flat Vernacular, All in Favor-Upper Hand Wallpaper, $50-200, available at Flat Vernacular

2) Tsunami Glassworks, Hand-Blown Round Glass Vase "Drop" in Gold Topaz, $250, available at Ahalife

3) EFM Studio, Mosaic Skull-Gold, $195, available at Ahalife

4) Aviva Stanoff Design, Sequin Accent Pillow-Champagne, $130, available at Ahalife

5) Ligorano Reese, F**k Snow Globe, $60, available at Ahalife

6) Zuny, Stuffed Lion Bookend/Toy, $59, available at Ahalife

7) Anthropologie, Line English Fireside Chair-Red, $2,498, available at Anthropologie

8) Anthropologie, Fabled Fauna Doorknocker-Lion, $38, available at Anthropologie

9) ABC Carpet and Home, Diamond Small Pendant-Brass, $196, available at ABC Carpet and Home

10) Anthropologie, Distressed Mahalia Rug-Red, $178-3,428, available at Anthropologie

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Any home of the Ironborn promises to feel not unlike it exists in the depths of the ocean. Driftwood accents complement kelp-patterned wallpaper, greenery explodes from seashell planters, and twisted black coils evocative of a Kraken's tentacles support a coffee table. So though the Greyjoy motto is "We do not sow," implying that they never put down roots for long—on land anyway—if you decorate your home with these items, you might just convince Yara herself to stick around for awhile. Which would be nice, because she is very good with a knife.

1) Anthropologie, Hand-Beaded Vara Chandelier, $749.95, available at Anthropologie

2) Anthropologie, Driftwood Mirror, $998, available at Anthropologie

3) Flat Vernacular, Turitella-Kelp Wallpaper, $50-250, available at Flat Vernacular

4) Souda, Kreten Side Table-Gray, $995, available at Ahalife

5) Diane James Home, Succulents in Faux Conch Shell, $375, available at Ahalife

6) Debbie Carlos, Water Texture Poster, $65, available at Debbie Carlos

7) Josh Urso Design, Knoop Large Coffee Table, $4,000, available at Ahalife

8) So Well, Rare Fair Trade Grey Himalayan Sea Salt Set of Two Lamps, $108, available at Ahalife

9) Aviva Stanoff Design, Silk Velvet Accent Pillow with Sea Fan Print, $170, available at Ahalife

10) Jac Zagoory Designs, Octopus Pen Holder, $100, available at Ahalife

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Though this house's colors are a gentle green and pale gold, and its sigil a blooming rose, it doesn't mean that they should be underestimated; the Tyrell matriarch is the Queen of Thorns, after all, and she can draw some serious blood. Thus, a Tyrell home will mostly feature the kind of furniture and accents best described as "pretty," though look out, there are definitely some thorns hidden among the roses.

1) Anthropologie, Handcarved Armless Tassel Dining Chair, $349.95, available at Anthropologie

2) Anthropologie, Downward Drifting Pendant in Blush, $129.95, available at Anthropologie

3) Anthropologie, Frosted Flowers Mirror, $39.95, available at Anthropologie

4) Flat Vernacular, Flora-Soft Focus Wallpaper, $50-250, available at Flat Vernacular

5) Urban Outfitters, Sofia Chesterfield Sofa-Green, $699, available at Urban Outfitters

6) Debbie Carlos, Rose Print, $45, available at Debbie Carlos

7) White, Floral-Printed Pouf, $168, available at Anthropologie

8) Urban Outfitters, Pressed Flower Glass, Set of Two, $16, available at Urban Outfitters

9) Anthropologie, Rose Relief Rug, $98-1,798, available at Anthropologie

10) John Derian for Astier de Villatte, Rose Plate, $85, available at ABC Carpet and Home