Demi Lovato Goes HAM on Trolls, Talks Mental Health In Twitter “Rant”

Oh, and that Nicki photo, too

Last night, Demi Lovato opened up in a series of Twitter posts that even she called a "rant," flaming her trolls, and speaking very directly about her bipolar disorder and how it affects her social presence. While some of the tweets remain live, many of them have already been taken down. Luckily, sources such as Mic have preserved them through screenshots.

They’re worth a read, but first, a little context: Over the last couple of days, things have been a little difficult for the remarkably open and honest singer. For unknown reasons, she claims she didn’t have a positive experience at her first Met Gala. As well, she seemed to take the fact that she was not tagged in an Instagram post by Nicki Minaj personally. Perhaps that seems like a small thing, but Lovato has now implied there was more behind the social media snub than we might know. 

From there, things snowballed as trolls and haters came at the 23-year-old, playing up the angle that there was some sort of war going on between Lovato and Minaj. There isn’t, but that didn’t stop many from pushing the various buttons the sensitive, yet brave star has talked about before—substance abuse, beauty standards, body-image issues, and so on. Clearly it all struck a nerve and Lovato felt compelled to let us in on exactly what all those comments were doing to her through the tweets below. 

Image Via Mic

Image Via Mic 

Honestly, we’re with her on this one. It’s hard enough dealing with life’s little losses without having mental health conditions to cope with and the voices of thousands shouting at you via social media. Hopefully, a few of her trolls learned not only a lesson about Lovato but about responding to mental health and addiction issues with more sensitivity and kindness.

Perhaps appropriately, Lovato’s cover of “I Will Survive”—the anthem made famous by Gloria Gaynor—just hit the Internet today. Considering everything we know about Lovato, it’s a perfect match of singer and song. Listen to it, below.

(via Mic)