Watch Demi Lovato’s “Waitin For You” Music Video

“waitin’ for you”

Much like most 23-year-olds, Demi Lovato has spent the past few years searching for herself. After recovering from an eating disorder, getting sober, embracing her sexuality, and working to understand her mental illness, it seems like Lovato has come to terms with her experiences, insecurities, and strengths. Oh, and she's finally over playing the young Disney star who grins and bears it all.

In her latest single off Confidence, "Waitin' for You," Lovato calls out those who have "made shit personal" and talked about her "bad habits." Although Lovato hasn't publicly spoken about the meaning behind the song, fans speculate that the song is geared to those who bullied her. And if the setting of the black-and-white video—the very middle school that she left due to intense bullying—is any indication, this is her way of directly addressing those who tried to bring her down.