Photographed by Ricky Michiels.


31 Days of DIY Denim: Day 25, Denim Backpack

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by blake vulgamott

NYLON staffers created unique, DIY projects using denim in honor of our annual Denim Issue. Check back here every day of August to see a new project.

What you’ll need:


Ruler or tape measure



Push pins




Step 1: Find a wash of denim that you like.

Step 2: Measure the pocket you will be replacing.

Step 3: Map out the measurements from step two on the denim you chose.

Step 4: Cut the outline with scissors.

Step 5: Align the fabric on top of the pocket and use push pins along the perimeter to hold it in place.

Step 6: Use a needle and thread to adhere the fabric over the pocket. You’re finished!