our interns test out a new crop of jeans.

by nylon

Bad Habit: spending too much on your favorite pair of jeans.

Good Habit: getting the exact same jeans onsale.

My Habit: the members-only fashion website from Amazon

that makes it possible.

Since August is our denim month, we're partnering with them to give you our favorite styles at prices that don't suck - and to prove they look good on real girls, we've shot them on our very own NYLON interns. (That's Amanda D'Egidio in a pair of Blank NYC skinnies).

There will be new jeans on My Habit all week, like Current /

Elliott (today), Nine Days (Wednesday), Habitual (Thursday), Genetic (Friday), and Jeans Shop (Saturday).

Click here to sign up!

Alice Tate (Cheshire, England) in Blank NYC corduroys.

Julia Payne (Chicago, IL) in Habitual flares.

Valerie Jolifier (Brooklyn, NYC) in Blank skinnies

Alexandra, our Brazilian fashion intern, in Blank flares

Liza Darwin, web editor, in Habitual bell bottoms