Denzel Washington And Viola Davis Star In The Trailer For ‘Fences’

Do we smell Oscar nominations?

Oscar voters, get your ballots ready. The trailer for the upcoming adaptation film Fences was released today, and whisperings are already starting about Denzel Washington's and Viola Davis’ performances in the under two minute bit.

Based on the 1987 play by August Wilson, Fences is about a retired baseball player turned bitter garbage collector and his family. The video shows a demanding Washington (who also directed the film), a bold Jovan Adepo (who played on HBO’s The Leftovers), and a very emotional, tear-stricken Viola Davis.

Washington and Davis both won Tonys for their performances in the playback in 2010. Let’s just say the odds are forever in their favor this season. Could it be, is #OscarsSoWhite a thing of the past? There’s a good chance. The film is set to release Christmas Day, so make sure to put aside $15 from your holiday stash to see it.