Die Antwoord To Launch A Line Of Cannabis Products

“We have candy”

Rap duo Die Antwoord have announced that they’re releasing their own line of weed products.

The soon-to-be-released line, called “Zef Zol,” will feature flowers, lip balm, mouth spray, and chocolate, according to Dazed.

This new Die Antwoord project comes on the heels of the South African group’s recent single “Banana Brain,” along with the newly released “We Have Candy” from their upcoming album Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid.

The cannabis collection will be released in partnership with Natural Cannabis, as Ninja revealed on Instagram. The announcement also states that “Zef Zol” will be available “soon” in the U.S., where the cannabis is legal. Ninja’s Instagram caption excitedly reminds us that you can get your hands on the marijuana products “if u live in california, nevada, colorado, oregon and a few other US states that i forgot about coz...i'm fuckin stoned."

As for their latest music, Die Antwoord’s accompanying new single “We Have Candy” is simultaneously bizarre and creepy. The fast-paced track features the duo’s affected vocals and haunting lyrics, along with similarly themed cover art.

Look for Die Antwoord’s fourth album, Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kidwhich is set to be released on September 16. And check out the catchy new song “We Have Candy” below for a preview.