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It’s Time To Embrace The Dystopian Ear Party

thanks, dior

Look, we get it. In the long, highly socialed affair that is fashion month, another day brings about five "new" runway trends that you "totally need to try." But as with just about anything in life, if you riffle through enough content, you're bound to find something that either inspires, innovates, or just makes you smile. And so when Dior sent models down its runway in black glossy lips and a massive amount of metal on their ears, we felt as if we were woken up from a sartorial stupor. If there were ever a time to adopt a dystopian approach to fashion, well, this is it.

While the ear party certainly isn't a new development, the Parisian fashion house looked past its recent Pinterest-friendly iteration and focused on its punk roots. In other words, delicacy was thrown out completely—the more metal, the better. And, hey, why not throw a concealed revolver and wrecking balls in there for good measure? 

Most of the accessories piled on the models' lobes were cuffs—after all, it's not always feasible to pierce a few holes moments before starting a live streamed show—which makes the "trend" all the more easy to test out for yourself. Scurry over to your local thrift store, grab any and every clip-on you can find, and layer them on. Or if you need an easy introduction to this apocalyptic style, this ear party guide will get you started.