Dirty Projectors Is Back And Better Than Ever

You can “Keep Your Name”

David Longstreth has had a long career as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist. With the group Dirty Projectors, he has seven albums to his name. After the release of both their full length album Swing Lo Magellan and their About to Die EP in 2012, Dirty Projectors took a break that many of us feared would be permanent. During this four year long lull, Longstreth continued to work with other artists like Kanye West on "FourFiveSeconds," but it seemed like Dirty Projectors might stay quiet forever. But now the band is back and breaking their silence with a haunting and genre mixing single called "Keep Your Name."

The accompanying music video for the track was directed by Longstreth and Elon Rutberg. Cast in black and white, the visuals question notions of creation and destruction. With such heavy subject matter, it'd be easy for the band's first video since 2012 to fall into an artistic black hole of pretentiousness. But Longstreth battles this, not least by including clips of him diligently drawing the beloved poop emoji during the video. Artsy! 

2016 is being very good to us, as far as music—and poop emojis—are concerned. And while no further details about a forthcoming album have been released yet, you can bide the time waiting for news by watching the official video for Dirty Projectors' moody single, below.