oh mickey, you’re so fine

scouring etsy for the best disney-inspired finds.

I just recently got back from an amazing vacation in Disney World.

I know what you're thinking... "Disney World, is it even fun for adults any more?" The answer is yes, obviously! Who doesn't love rides, Mickey Mouse and over the top Disney themed hats, accessories and clothing!?

Before going I started to collect any clothing or accessories Disney themed to wear on vacation. (A la Marc Jacobs SS 2013 collection.) Thankfully, I was in luck , as Mickey Mouse clothing has become a trend again (thanks Marc!). Forever 21 did a collection based off Disney's styles and prints from the 1980s, ASOS did a collaboration with Disney entitled ASOSxDisney, and Uniqlo has a t-shirt collection called 'Disney Project' with Minnie, Snow White and Daisy Duck, to name a few.

So naturally, I came back from Florida wanting anything vintage that had to do with Disney and did my best search on Etsy for some amazing finds - check them out here!

Vintage Jacket--$75

Vintage Sweatshirt--$13

Vintage T-Shirt--$29.99

Denim Button-Down--$22

Vintage Watch --$70

Vintage Bag--$75

'70s T-Shirt-- $50

Vintage Button-Down--$125

Goofy Tote Bag--$20

Denim Dress--$45