This Princess-Free, Fan-Made Disney Edit Is Melting Hearts

I’m not crying, you are

Sometimes, when you look through the endless void that is Twitter, the endless void looks right back at you.

All to say, this morning, someone retweeted a video onto my timeline that I would have never seen otherwise. I'm not a fan-made edit type of person, but neither is this individual I follow. This must really be something, I thought. I looked past the hyperbolic text the video was shared with because no one is ever really in tears when they say they are on Twitter. Right? Wrong. This fan edit is an inspiration.

A little digging revealed that a YouTube channel called Disneyisms originally created and uploaded the edit almost three years ago. It features zero Disney princesses and instead focuses on "Disney's youngest heroes." Quotes from Christopher Robin, Pooh, Alice in Wonderland, and Lilo and Stitch are peppered throughout, lifting spirits and inspiring a sense of kid-like wonder only the magic of Disney can provide. I, a late-20s individual, was moved. The kid in me was moved. And you, dear reader, will (hopefully) be, too. We can all use a little uplifting these days, anyway.