(di)stressed out

tees that come pre-torn.

by liza darwin

You could say it all started with Balmain. Between cut-up tops, scuffed pants and ripped jean shorts, the French fashion house has been making shredded clothing cool for seasons.

Now more retailers are following suit with their own versions of these worn and torn basics.

Raquel Allegra, Obesity and Speed, and Opening Ceremony are all selling distressed t-shirts this summer. But because they're made with fragile sheer cotton and a delicately ripped back, you definitely can't get the same luxe look DIY-style (not that we'd really recommend running through a thorny forest, anyway).

Check out our favorites below, and let us know if you're into this oxymoronic trend.

Drop Stitch Tee, $88 at

Raquel Allegra, $235 at Net-a-Porter.

Undrest tank, $170 at Net-a-Porter.

Obesity and Speed tee, $176 at Far Fetch.

Undrest one-shoulder t-shirt, $195 at Net-a-Porter.