testing the new trend from the catwalks.

by ali hoffman

As the models stomped down Topshop Unique's Fall 2011 runway show, dalmatians officially became trendy.

But when Burberry immediately followed suit with the spotted motif , the trend transformed into a full-fledged Cruella De Vil mania.

And yes, we're really into it.

Taking a cue from Topshop's show, we decided to attempt the dalmatian-print manicure.  Turns out, it was (thankfully) pretty easy!

Here's how we did it:

1. Paint two coats of a chalky white polish (think french tip white) on each nail.

2. Wait about 15 minutes for this to dry! (Be patient!)

3. Once dry, take the rubber-like end of a bobby pin and dip it into any ol' black lacquer you've got lying around. quickly press the pin to the nail, creating a simple black dot.  As a general rule for varying size of spots:  The more polish on the pin, the bigger the dot will be. 

4.  Continue spotting each nail, until it looks good to you!

Check out the inspiration at Topshop...

And Burberry!

The nails at Topshop.

Backstage at Topshop.