diy: happy feet

hosiery doesn’t have to be boring.

by liza darwin

Going to Fashion Week is basically an exercise in patience. You're looking at really, really gorgeous clothes, which is great. But what's not so great is the fact that they're (mostly) out of our price range. And even worse, we'll have to wait about six months to finally see these pieces again in person. 

But since we're all about instant gratification around here, we're skipping the whole waiting-around part and crafting some of our favorite fresh-off-the-runway pieces ourselves. First up are two takes on bejeweled socks from the Simone Rocha and Prada shows. Rocha showed a more feminine twist on the look, embellishing nude tights with miniature pearl designs--the perfect complement to the London designer's collection of delicate white dresses. Prada went kooky in the best way possible, opting for striped athletic socks and giant jewels. They're a couple of totally opposite (but equally cool) versions of a spring '14 trend, so why not attempt them both?

We enlisted two awesome interns, Grace and Rachel, to hit the craft store and make our own socks inspired by these runway looks. The result: pretty killer, if we do say so ourselves.  

Click through the slideshow to see how they did it:

For Simone Rocha, you'll need:

- 1 pair of Hue nude tights

- 1 package of faux pearls

- 1 tube of glue

- Scissors 

For Prada, you'll need:

- 1 pair of American Apparel striped socks

- 1 package of emerald green faux jewels

- 1 tube of glue

- Scissors

Inspiration: Simone Rocha.

Start with nude tights, faux pearls, glue and scissors.

Glue pearls in the pattern shown around the top of the tights.

Ta da! Let dry.

Inspiration: Prada.

Start with striped socks, jewels, glue, and scissors.

Cut the heel off the sock.

Glue jewels sporadically over the top of the socks.

You're finished! Wait at least 15 minutes for the glue to dry.