we make our dream sunglasses for less than $20!

by ali hoffman

It's been two weeks since we first spotted A-Morir's insanely adorable (and wildly expensive) rose-adorned shades.

Since then, we've thought of them almost everyday, from planning the perfect outfit around the shades to wondering which starlet will be the first to snag a pair.

And so, thanks to our obsessive mind and some very enthusiastic comments on the blog, we mustered up enough courage to put our crafting skills to the test.

The result? Well, see for yourself!

Here's how we did it:

- Purchased a pair of round sunglasses ($14 here)

- Ordered about 40 Rose Flower Cabochon Beads Resin Bead -10mm is a good size (about $5)

- Busted out our trusty glue gun (superglue should work fine too)

After you have all necessary materials, simply glue the flowers one-at-a-time around the frame of the glasses. Be careful with how you place the flowers on the bridge of the nose (you want to be able to wear the glasses!).

Let them dry for a couple hours. And, voilà, you've got yourself an amazing new pair of shades (for less than $20)!

The inspiration

Cabochon Beads (buy them here)

trusty glue gun!

so far so good....


Our intern, Carolyn Amurao, modeling our new shades!