DJ Khaled, Chance The Rapper, And Justin Bieber Celebrate Life In New Video

We have a new contender for song of the summer on our hands

If there’s one thing DJ Khaled is really, really good at, it’s making a hit song. That, and recruiting a slew of artists to accompany him on it.

His most recent gang includes Justin Bieber, Quavo of Migos, Lil Wayne, and Chance The Rapper and their song of the summer contender is “I’m The One.” Who, amongst the foursome is truly “The One” is yet to be determined though. 

Khaled’s adorable, just-born prodigy Asahd opens up the video, while sitting in an executive producer labeled chair. Then, we see Khaled talking on the phone, requesting that Bieber, Wayne, and Quavo come over to his house (read: mansion) so that they can celebrate life, success, and blessings. They do just that and then some, along with some attractive ladies and white horses. 

Khaled’s been teasing the song for a month now, with his son front and center on the cover art, clad in the cutest baby Jordans we ever did see. If we had to put the number one label on anyone featured in the video, it would be him. What say you? Watch the video above.