#dmds campaign by heineken

Let the music move you…

by Christian Lavery

In conjunction with world-famous Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren, Heineken has rolled out a new campaign aimed at urging moderate alcohol consumption. Showcased through a short film titled “The Experiment,” the video takes us through a two-night sequence – the first, where 1,078 drinks have been consumed, and the second, where the total drink count ended at only 632 – with the sole difference being the DJ. The "Dance More, Drink Slow" campaign highlights the fact that when drinking isn’t the main focus, people will actually dance and instead feed off the natural energy of the music.

To promote the movement, Amrin van Buuren released a new track titled “Save My Night” (listen to it HERE), and Heineken sent over a pair of exclusive green and white Monster headphones that feature the #DMDS logo on each earphone.

Check out “The Experiment” below and help carry out the message of responsible drinking.