editor’s pick: dog days

we’re in puppy love with a tote bag.

by liza darwin

Confession: when we featured Karlie Kloss as Best Dressed way back in the summer, it was only partially because of the model's Reformation sundress. She looked totally cute and everything, but that was only half of the equation. The other reason? Um, her dog, of course. But Kloss isn't the only one obsessed with pups. Blake Lively, Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway are all self-professed dog ladies, and me too. Last year I adopted a little mutt named Montie, so you'd better bet I'm all over this adorable Doxie Love tote.  

Not only is the canvas bag a natural extension of the best dog Instagrams or dog print clothes (yes, I realize how weird this sounds), but it's also the ultimate carryall that fits basically everything--whether or not you have a real puppy at home. After all, United Bamboo has its annual Cat shouldn't dogs have their day, too? 

Oh, and just in case you needed a Tuesday night pick-me-up, we've included our favorite internet dog stars in the gallery. You're welcome? 

Photographer William Wegman for ACNE campaign--the only thing that could make us want these clothes even more is when they're modeled by dogs, if only for the pure adorableness factor.

Menswear Dog--More dogs in men's clothing. Think we're on to something here.

Maddie on Things--Maddie the Coonhound can balance on EVERYTHING, and you've got to see it to believe it.

Boo--The quintessential internet-famous pup and "the world's cutest dog," who already has a book deal. Overachiever!