there’s nothing childish about these dolls.

by ali hoffman

From false eyelashes to Birkin bags, we've been using paper more for fashion crafts than for practicing our calligraphy.

And our latest obsession with high fashion paper dolls is no exception.

Enter Tom Tierney, the self-described "paper doll artist," whose incredibly intricate designer portfolios satisfy our couture cravings (at least for the next few minutes).

Boasting booklets for Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Chanel, and, most recently, Alexander McQueen, Tierney's so-called "tributes" each come with about three dolls, and at least 30 different ensembles to dress them up in. 

And considering each retails for less than $10, this new addiction may help your savings account.

Check out the artist's complete collection (here)

Order your own designer dolls (here)